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Company Profile

Qingdao Pafic Hardware Co., Ltd.
Back in the 1990s, everything related to international trade, including product quality, was immature in China. The founders of the Qingdao Pafic group, George and Lisa, were always full of combativity aroused by the despise of Made in China when being compared with the products made in Japan, Korea, or even Taiwan during their trips. This is the reason for them to establish Pafic, in order to carry their mission to Serve the world with high quality China-made products
As the founder of Pafic, George and Lisa knew well that prices and trade terms are negotiable, while quality is the only factor that cannot. The shared quality policy Quality without Question endows everyone in Pafic team with the working attitude to achieve customer satisfaction: quality management starts whenever there is customer demand, is then practiced in the entire procedure of manufacturing, and will not terminate until there comes positive feedback from the customers. With this pursuit of quality, Pafic has gained approval and orders from famous brands worldwide in the 20+ years after its establishment, despite all the stereotypes previously given to the label of Made in China.

Then, in 2017, the core team of the Pafic group decided to offer services and products in children play range under the brand name of Big Elephant Play, aiming at providing a healthy and joyful lifestyle to the 2.5 billion children on the planet. By 2022, there have been over 1 million families enjoying backyard fun with the charming wooden playsets and swings manufactured by Big Elephant Play. The insistence on trustworthy quality is the foundation of all customers confidence in choosing Big elephant Play.

As an innovative and ambitious brand, Big Elephant Play has been introducing creative minds globally, as well as revolutionary materials and functions to its product line. It will never stop its vision to provide pleasant times to families worldwide with safe, healthy, and enjoyable kid's play products. 

“Kids Happy,All Happy”!